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Tim Banks (c)


Shoe Shine John.  Written by Tim Banks (c) 6-29-09.  Not yet in distribution.  Only available for listening on this website.


I met John around 2004 at a car wash in Carrollton, Tx. where I often took my car.  John was 72 years old at the time. 

He had a shoe shine stand in the car wash facility.   Many times, he would shine my shoes while my car was being serviced.  

I got to know John pretty well and it was clear he had a wonderful sweet spirit.   He confirmed to me that this spirit and peace came from his faith.

I came to realize how this humble man represented Christ in a way that was unassuming and at the same time powerful.   One day I told him I wanted to write a song about him.   He agreed.   So based on his life story, I wrote "Shoe Shine John".

John and his story had a great impact on me.   His parents were tenant cotton farmers in East Texas.   In his earliest years he worked in the cotton fields with his family.   Then he started shining shoes in a local barber shop.   This was a different era in our country and opportunities were limited for John and yet he had big plans for his future.                

He and a friend then struck out for Dallas to pursue their dreams.   On the road, their old car broke down and they were hit by another car.   When John woke up in the hospital, one of his legs had been amputated.  

At the age of 15, his life had come crashing down and his dreams all seemed to be ruined.   As he turned to his faith for strength, he slowly recovered and took up what would become his lifetime profession, shining shoes.           

John spent the rest of his life working with "one leg" and "one crutch" as a shoe shine professional (I never saw him with two crutches, he just made it around with one as far as I know).        

He didn't make much money but he said it was "enough".   He didn't complain.   He touched peoples' lives in a positive way everywhere he worked.                

When the song was completed and recorded, I took a copy to John.   We both teared up a little as I paid tribute to him and gave him the CD.   I thanked him for the influence and impact he made on my life.   He was a true inspiration and example of Christ-like living.  

John moved on from the car wash and I learned a year or so later that he had passed on into eternity.           

I'm sure John was greeted with great joy at heaven's gate.   I'm sure he threw that crutch away and entered in, walking on both legs with Christ through eternity.....  Shoe Shine John.

Tim Banks (c)


A Soldier's Song.  Written by Tim Banks (c) July 2004.  Not yet in distribution.  This song is only available at this time on this website.

It is a musical  and lyrical representation of a Roman soldier at the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Cover - Old spiritual song - public domain


There Is A Balm in Gilead.  An old public domain spiritual song.  Tim Banks arrangement, not in distribution.

Only available to hear on this website.

Tim Banks
Cover - Old gospel song - public domain


Fill My Cup Lord.  This song is not in distribution and is only available through this website.

It is a cover of an old public domain gospel tune. Arranged and performed by Tim Banks 

Tim Banks
Cover - Old public domain gospel song


My God is Real.   Old public domain gospel song.  Arranged by Tim Banks.   Not in distribution. Only available to hear on this website.